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VB PackagingThe image shows the VB Packaging 2.0oz PP Jar. It is a small, clear plastic jar with a white screw-on lid. The jar is cylindrical in shape and appears empty. The transparent body allows visibility of the jar’s contents, making it suitable for storing creams, lotions, or other small quantities of products. The overall design is simple and functional.

VB Packaging 2oz 58-400 PP Round Jar

VB PackagingThe image shows a clear, cylindrical plastic jar with a screw-top lid. The jar is made from polypropylene (PP) and has a capacity of 4 ounces. The product name is "VB Packaging 4.0oz PP Jar." The jar is empty and has smooth, transparent walls, making it suitable for various storage purposes. The lid is also clear and fits securely on the jar.

VB Packaging 4oz 70-400 PP Round Jar

VB PackagingThe image features a transparent, cylindrical plastic container with a flat base and a screw-on lid. The container is labeled as "VB Packaging 8.0oz PP Jar." The jar appears to be made of polypropylene and has smooth, clean lines with no visible markings or labels other than its product designation. The lid is also transparent and fits snugly on the jar.

VB Packaging 8oz 89-400 PP Round Jar

VB PackagingThe image features a VB Packaging 1.0oz PP Jar. The jar is small and cylindrical with a smooth, white surface. It has a wide opening at the top, which is closed with a matching white screw-on lid. The overall appearance is sleek and minimalistic, suitable for holding small quantities of products such as creams or balms.

VB Packaging 1oz 53-400 PP Round Jar



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